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Darien’s Health Media Network acquires three content providers


Darien’s Health Media Network, which provides targeted health education in physician waiting rooms and hospital systems, has completed the acquisitions of Healthcare News Network, iPORT Media, and CaerVision’s digital assets. Financial details were not available. 

health media networkSimilar in their offerings to HMN, Healthcare News Network is based in Cape Coral, Florida, and CaerVision – whose veterinary assets will be added to HMN’s veterinary waiting room network PetCareTV – is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. iPORT of Chicago specializes in providing educational information to eye care professionals.

The acquisitions, according to the company, will further strengthen its portfolio of patient education media, currently at 299,656 media touchpoints, reaching 300,225 health care professionals and resulting in an estimated 391 million patient and caregiver impressions annually.

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