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Hurricane healers at Whitby

Back row from left: Farrell Nivrose, Evan O’Connell, Filine Bruyland, Phil Lohmeyer, teacher and student activities coordinator, and Kena Monge. Front row from left: Beth Ferrer, Inaaya Jacobsen, Sofia Shklovsky and Kaitlyn Sandoval Diaz.

A student group from Whitby School in Greenwich known as Dumbledore’s Army planned and hosted a movie night fundraiser to help hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. The event, titled “Harry Potter’s Hurricane Healers,” took place at the school’s performing arts center. It was co-sponsored by the Whitby Parents Association. 

Price of admission was at least one first-aid item. Students also sold Harry Potter-themed baked goods. The event raised more than $400 and the team collected 410 medical supply donations. The funds and supplies were given to Teens 4PR, a nonprofit involved in fundraising for hurricane relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico.

Beth Ferrer, Whitby’s community service coordinator, said of those involved, “Not only did they make it a fun event, they developed their fundraising skills while also contributing to the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.” 

The medical supplies were carried on a chartered flight to Puerto Rico with 33 nurses and 5 doctors that was organized by Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit founded by the father of Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hit show “Hamilton.”


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