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Program to improve energy performance in multifamily buildings announced

A new energy performance benchmarking program called Benchmark CT has launched, seeking to bring major energy savings for the state’s existing multifamily housing stock.

The program, now available for 1,600 buildings in Connecticut, is a partnership between the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), Connecticut Green Bank (CGB), and WegoWise, a Boston-based online provider of monitoring and analytics solutions for minimizing the water and energy use of multifamily homes.

Buildings participating in Benchmark CT receive a free year of benchmarking software designed and operated by WegoWise, through which owners can determine if a building is inefficient or already high-performing; make quicker, more informed decisions about which efficiency measures to implement; and measure the performance of energy projects.

“Since we launched in 2010, we have helped customers save enormous amounts of energy, water, and money by analyzing over 42,000 buildings and six million utility bills representing consumption for 1.5 billion square feet of residential space across America,” said WegoWise CEO Andrew Chen. “This partnership with CHFA and CGB will leverage all those analyses and learning and deliver to Connecticut residents the most comprehensive benchmarking platform to help them save money, help the environment, and improve the comfort of their living spaces.”

“Multifamily property owners have an incredible cost savings tool at their fingertips with Benchmark CT,” added Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of CGB.  “Not only will owners be able to see opportunities for significant energy savings, the program can put them on a clear path to actionable next steps, including additional technical assistance and low interest financing.  By revealing ways to increase cash flow from savings, multifamily building owners are more empowered than ever to help lower tenants’ energy cost burden — especially those from low-to-moderate income households.”

WegoWise said that users of its platform typically save nearly 4 percent on energy in the first year and 10 percent after four years.

Property owners interested in learning more about Benchmark CT can contact Catherine Zelenkofske, programs director at WegoWise, at 617-367-9346 ext. 206, or by email at czelenkofske@wegowise.com.



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