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NFIB applauds state spending cuts

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) issued a statement last week in support of the Connecticut legislators’ decision to address the state’s projected budget deficit with spending cuts instead of tax increases.

“The bipartisan commitment to resist new taxes and tackle the long-term spending imbalance shows genuine progress in Hartford by which small business owners are encouraged,” said NFIB State Director Andrew Markowski in a press release. “Cutting government is always the harder political choice because every program has a vocal constituency. Lawmakers in both parties showed courage and common sense in their decision to resist higher taxes and we hope that carries over into next year.”

The NFIB is a nationwide small business association that  aims to promote and protect the rights of business owners. As Connecticut faces an even larger projected deficit for the 2014 biennium, Markowski said this round of cuts  is “good practice.”

“They’re making budget cuts, which means that they’re exercising muscles that they haven’t used very often,” Markowski said. “They’re going to need those muscles next year because every interest group in the state is going to come out of the woodwork to protect their little sinecures and small business owners expect the legislature to make deeper and more permanent cuts in government.”


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