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U.S. and world news for June 23

House Jan. 6 hearing today: This afternoon’s televised hearing by the House Jan. 6th committee is expected to focus on pressure applied against the Justice Department by Donald Trump to try to get it to cooperate in his illegal scheme to overturn results of the 2002 election and stay in power. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. Scheduled witnesses include Jeffrey A. Rosen, former acting attorney general who was appointed by Trump when Attorney General Bill Barr resigned, Richard Donoghue, former acting deputy attorney general and Steven Engel, an assistant attorney general.

Uvalde school police chief put on leave: Pete Arredondo, the chief of the Uvalde, Texas, school district’s police force, has been put on administrative leave as a result of the cover-up of police inaction to go after the shooter at the Robb Elementary School continues to fall apart. Arredondo has been out of sight and silent after falsely claiming that the first police in the school building did not have rifles or ballistic shields and that the police couldn’t enter the classroom where the shooter was because the door was locked. A spokesperson for the school district refused to say whether Arredondo is being paid while on administrative leave.

Prosecutors ask 25 years for Chauvin: In Minneapolis, federal prosecutors have asked for former police officer Derek Chauvin to receive 25 years in prison for violating the rights of George Floyd when Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck, causing his death. Chauvin pleaded guilty in federal court to violating Floyd’s rights.

Taliban leader asks for earthquake recovery help: The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan has asked for international help in the recovery from the earthquake that killed an estimated 1,000 people and injured at least 1,500. The White House yesterday said that the U.S. and U.N. are assessing what they can do to help in the search for victims who may still be alive in the rubble and to provide other humanitarian aid.

Nike leaving Russia: According to a statement issued today by Nike, the sportswear company is planning to completely leave Russia. Nike had previously said it was suspending its operations in Russia as a result of the war against Ukraine. Now, Nike says it’s permanently shutting down operations in Russia.



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