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Podiatrist accuses St. Joseph’s Medical Practice in Yonkers of failure to foot bill for services

A podiatrist claims that St. Joseph’s Medical Practice in Yonkers has refused to pay for his services for more than a year.

Daniel P. White sued the medical practice June 3 in U.S. District Court in White Plains  demanding $95,512 for 2019 and an undetermined amount for this year, or at the very least, the minimum wage for his hours of service.

podiatrist st. joseph's YonkersWhite “has not been paid anything for services performed in 2019 and 2020,” the lawsuit states, and he “remains suspended without pay and without the opportunity to treat patients and perform work for … St. Joseph’s.”

St. Joseph’s did not respond to email and voicemail requests for its side of the story.

The medical group is affiliated with St. Joseph’s Medical Center – also named as a defendant – and has seven offices in Westchester, the Bronx and northern Manhattan.

White trained at Kent State University’s College of Podiatric Medicine in Ohio and did his residency in foot and ankle surgery at St. Joseph’s.

He began working at the wound care center in Yonkers in January 2018 where he examined and diagnosed patients.

He was entitled to receive $300 for each in-house consultation, the complaint states, and he was told that he was a salaried physician. His 2018 compensation was paid in early 2019.

Last summer, according to the complaint, St. Joseph’s proposed a professional services agreement that would change his compensation. Ultimately, White and the medical practice did not agree on terms.

This past February, Dr. James Neuendorf, the medical director, purportedly told White that “we’ve made arrangements to cover (his) cases going forward, until there is a resolution.”

White asked if he was being suspended, the complaint states, and Neuendorf allegedly replied that his work with St. Joseph’s should “cease to exist until such time that we can work out an agreement and come up with a payment schedule.”

White claims that Neuendorf confirmed that St. Joseph’s owed him money and promised to give him a payment plan no later than March 1.

He claims he performed 887 procedures and 30 consultations last year worth $95,512.

White has received no payment plan, according to the complaint, and no payment for services for 2019 and 2020. He remains suspended without pay.

He accused St. Joseph’s of failure to pay earned wages or for the reasonable value of services provided, violating the minimum wage law and breach of contract. He also accuses St. Joseph’s and Neuendorf of retaliation, under federal and state laws.

White is represented by Manhattan attorney Casimir Wolnowski.


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