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Vassar Brothers pavilion on target to open this fall

Vassar Brothers pavilion
The new building rises above Route 9 in Poughkeepsie. Photo by Bob Rozycki

There’s been no slowing down on building the patient pavilion at Vassar Brothers Medical Center as construction has continued throughout the pandemic.

“There has been some impact on the project from the crisis, primarily because fewer subcontractors for specific specialties were available at times due to travel and other restrictions,” said John Nelson, director of public and community affairs at Nuvance Health, the health system of which Vassar Brothers is a member. “This has also had financial impact, but that continues to be evaluated.”

Nelson said that despite the challenges, “we have made significant progress and the interior of the building, the largest construction project in city of Poughkeepsie history, is really taking shape.”

The hospital plans to move into the $545 million, 752,000-square-foot pavilion this fall.

“With the pavilion, we’re building a hospital where we can provide enhanced care for patients, more efficient work areas for staff and literally change the face of healthcare on the Hudson River,” said Larry Bell, vice president of construction, Nuvance Health.

Tim Massie, senior vice president of marketing, public affairs and government relations for Nuvance Health, said: “As we get closer to this building opening for patient care, it’s important to remember this project represents the most significant transformation of Vassar Brothers since its inception in 1887. The patient pavilion will be a landmark and asset for the community, a gateway to the city of Poughkeepsie and a site known for the excellent patient care and services provided by its staff.”

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