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ConnectiCare offers free telehealth services through May 31

ConnectiCare has announced that members can temporarily use telehealth for covered medical and mental health services at no cost through May 31.

ConnectiCare“We know our members are concerned about protecting themselves and their families from the COVID-19 virus while also facing other health challenges,” said Eric Galvin, the insurer’s president. “To make it easier for our members to get the care they need, ConnectiCare is eliminating the financial burden associated with office visits by covering telehealth appointments for any reason.”

The company is allowing no-cost member real-time visits with medical and mental health professionals by phone, computer, and mobile app. ConnectiCare members can have telehealth visits with in-network doctors by contacting their primary care provider’s, specialist’s, or mental health counselor’s offices. The office staff will arrange appointments and offer instructions on how to connect with the health care professional.

Members enrolled in plans through an employer, Access Health CT or a SOLO plan can also have virtual visits from home by using MDLIVE. Medicare Advantage members can have the same by using Teladoc. Links to MDLIVE and Teladoc can be found at connecticare.com.

Members can also, at no charge, call the Optum support line at 866-342-6892 for mental health advice.

Additional information about ConnectiCare’s services can be found here.

Galvin also encouraged residents without health insurance to take advantage of the new Special Enrollment Period being offered by Access Health CT through April 2.

“We want every Connecticut resident to have the peace of mind that having health insurance provides, especially during this pandemic,” he said.


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