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Access Health CT launches special enrollment period for uninsured residents


Access Health CT has launched a special enrollment period for uninsured Connecticut residents to sign up for a health insurance plan offered by either of its two insurance carriers, ConnectiCare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The state’s health insurance exchange also noted that there are other carriers that do not participate in AHCT, but that are also working to provide reinsurance to make the special enrollment period possible.

The new special enrollment period will run March 19 to April 2. Connecticut residents must be lawfully present in the United States and not incarcerated to be eligible. The coverage for those who enroll during the special period will start on April 1.

Enrollment is being done by phone only, at 855-805-4325 (TTY: 1- 855-365-2428).

“No Connecticut resident should worry that testing or treatment will compromise their financial security,” Gov. Ned Lamont said. In addition to thanking ConnectiCare and Anthem, the governor thanked AHCT CEO James Michel and Connecticut Insurance Department Commissioner Andrew Mais “for their leadership working with our partners in the health insurance industry to assure that we are doing everything we can to provide access to health insurance coverage.”

“We are experiencing a moment in history that requires flexibility and innovative ways to access health care,” Michel said. “Since inception, Access Health CT offers year-round enrollment opportunities through special enrollments to individuals who experience a qualifying life event, like loss of coverage due to job change. By implementing this new special enrollment, we are focusing on the uninsured so they can get covered and stay healthy.”

“The goal is to slow the spread of the virus and reduce its cost to all Connecticut residents,” Mais added. “That means everyone who needs it should get access to covered services and be tested and treated if necessary. Insurance will help make that possible. It will also help those who need treatment avoid burdensome medical bills.”

“ConnectiCare continues to step up to serve the people of Connecticut,” said its president, Eric Galvin. “This is an opportunity for Connecticut to lead the nation by bringing the entire health ecosystem together to focus on what’s best for our people.”

“It is very important that those who are uninsured take advantage of this special enrollment period. Having health coverage will be important for those seeking treatment for this virus,” said Jill Hummel, president of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Connecticut. “We will continue to be a partner with the state and public officials as we work together to protect public health and provide both access to care and peace of mind for Connecticut residents.”

Other information about the new enrollment period is available at Learn.AccessHealthCT.com.

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