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CBIA offering identity-theft protection service to small-business members

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association has partnered with an identity-theft protection service to provide identity theft protection and recovery solutions for small businesses and their employees.


cybercrime connecticut CBIAThe CBIA/defend-id partnership offers eligible employees identity monitoring and alerts, credit monitoring and alerts, fully managed identity recovery, and expense reimbursement insurance up to $1 million for expenses incurred during identity recovery.

The identity protection plans, provided as an employer-paid or employee-paid benefit, are available exclusively to members of CBIA’s Health Connections employee benefits program.

“Identity theft continues to expand at an exponential rate,” CBIA Service Corp. President Ken Comeau said. “This growing threat has resulted in an increased demand for quality identity monitoring and restoration services.”

According to CBIA’s website, the partnership’s gold plan costs $3.59 per month per employee, or $5.39 per family; its platinum plan costs $5.63 per employee, or $7.43 per family. That pricing is for companies with 250 or fewer employees; the organization asks that companies with more than 250 employees contact it directly for pricing.


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