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Frontier rolls out tools to combat robocalls and caller ID spoofing


Frontier Communications Corp. has beefed up its efforts to protect its customers from illegal robocalls and caller ID spoofing.

The Norwalk company is now deploying the Neustar Certified Caller Stir/Shaken technology across its IP network to digitally certify phone calls. The tool verifies that an incoming call comes from the number listed on the caller ID display, and is not a scammer or a spoofed robocall.

Frontier has also added a caller ID alert feature that uses Neustar Robocall Mitigation, which enables complex algorithms to identify in real time which calls match robocall, spam and fraudulent criteria. If the call is assessed as potentially fraudulent, Frontier’s system will display a potential spam warning on a customer’s caller ID screen.

“Frontier is continually evolving strategies to protect our customers with a diversity of approaches including new call authentication technologies, network monitoring to detect suspicious calls, and partnering with law enforcement to shut down illegal robocallers,” said Mark Nielsen, executive vice president and chief legal officer for Frontier Communications.

The new system “forms another line of defense against robocalling,” he added.

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