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Rim War: New Windsor wheel shop sues consultant for $1.2M


The nitty gritty of rim repairing – or the art of wheel remanufacturing, as Rapid Rim Repair LLC refers to its business – is depicted in a federal lawsuit as a cutthroat enterprise.

Rapid has sued consultant Anthony Frodella for $1.2 million, claiming, in essence, that he tried to hijack customers.

Frodella, the lawsuit claims, is the mastermind and orchestrator of a conspiracy with disloyal employees to put Rapid out of business.

Attempts to get Frodella’s side of the story failed. His last known address is in Henderson, Nevada, and contact information could not immediately be found.

A LinkedIn profile lists an Anthony Frodella as a former partner in a Plainview, Nassau County rim repair shop, and as a “sales guru” and “a company builder.”

Rapid was formed in 2015 and is based in New Windsor, Orange County. It repairs, restores and remanufactures wheels for auto body and repair shops, car dealerships, wholesalers, mobile rim repair services and individual customers.

Rapid says it paid Frodella $184,662 from January 2017 to this past May for consulting work. The services of the consultancy are not described in the lawsuit. He also allegedly incurred $34,223 in American Express charges that were not part of his services.

Frodella has been accused of conspiring with four disloyal employees to harm the business by making disparaging comments to customers; removing equipment, vehicles and customers’ wheels; soliciting customers on behalf of competitors; and collecting cash payments that customers owed to Rapid.

He is accused of using his knowledge of Rapid’s mobile telephone network and surveillance video system to send a competitor’s drivers to locations where Rapid drivers were picking up customers’ damaged wheels.

The complaint does not identify the competitor.

Customers were allegedly told that Rapid does not perform its own wheel repairs, it is not insured, it is selling equipment to a competitor and it is going out of business.

Rapid claims that the disloyal conduct and false statements have caused at least 36 auto shops to stop using its services and have cost $1 million in business.

The complaint charges Frodella with conversion of property and receivables, breach of the duty of loyalty, breach of contract, unfair competition and deceptive business practices, interference and defamation.

Rapid is represented by attorney Philip H. Kalban in Manhattan.

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