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Yoga studio to open at Peekskill Central Market

Image courtesy of Good Karma’s Instagram account.

A new yoga studio, Good Karma, is set to open on Sunday on the second floor of the Peekskill Central Market at 900 Main St. The first class will be held at 9:15 a.m., and classes will be held each day of the week except on Wednesdays.

The new yoga studio joins other tenants at the Peekskill Central Market, including Kurzahls Coffee and candy shop Sweet Ascent. The Main Street building was constructed in the 1830s by William H. Nelson, a Peekskill lawyer and congressman. Over the next century, it served as a grocery store, the city’s first telegraph office and a hardware store before sitting vacant for decades. The building’s developer, Gabriel Arango, bought the crumbling structure for $450,000 in 2011. The following years saw him invest nearly $2 million into the building.

The showpiece of the building is its third-floor event space dubbed Dramatic Hall, which features a small stage constructed in 1870. The 4,500-square-foot theater and event hall hosted around two dozen events last year, including weddings, comedy nights and a small business workshop hosted by Google.

With so much history in our roots, we aim to bring our community together where it all began,” the Good Karma website states.  


  1. Mr. Arango and his associates have been a great asset to our community. Have done a lot to boost us all around. I’m an old-timer who grew up here in the 1950’s and I am grateful to have folks who are not only faithful to the spirit of our City, but have done much to increase the happy ambiance!


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