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Million Air unveils new hangar at Westchester County Airport

Million Air unveiled on Wednesday its new 52,000-square-foot hangar, the first phase of the renovation and expansion of its corporate aviation complex at Westchester County Airport.

“Our job at Million Air is to really drive that first impression of Westchester,” said Million Air CEO Roger Woolsey. “Our job is to just make sure that we greet the market makers of this community in a great way.”

The spacious hangar features 28-foot doors and floors that are heated with a radiant heat system that allows temperatures to be maintained for aircraft and pilots. The hangar also includes eight customizable offices with storage space.

With the completion of the hangar, Million Air’s 26-acre corporate aviation compex now has 84,000 square feet of hangar space and more than 7 acres of ramp space.

Woolsey said the hangar is a win-win for the county.

“The corporations that bring their airplanes here, they’re really what’s driving the community,” he said. “They’re driving the local economy. They’re adding jobs.”

Million Air hangar westchester county airport
Million Air CEO Roger Woolsey addresses the media inside the new hangar. Photo by Aleesia Forni

The recently completed hangar is part of Million Air’s $80 million expansion and renovation project at the airport. Adjacent to the hangar, construction is underway on Million Air’s new 18,000-square-foot terminal. That two-story terminal will include seating areas, wood and rock features, stone framed dual fireplaces and wood beam ceilings. The terminal will also feature conference rooms, a pilot lounge with sleep rooms, a barista-staffed coffee bar, an indoor valet area and additional parking.

The terminal is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“That is really where we’re going to be greeting the customers,” he said.

Million Air operates luxury fixed-base operation terminals across four continents. The Houston-based company also provides aircraft charter, management, sales and aircraft maintenance.

The county Board of Legislators unanimously approved a 30-year ground lease agreement with Million Air last year, allowing the company to operate both a light aviation facility and a full-service heavy aircraft fixed-base operation, one that will provide a range of services including fueling and general aviation maintenance. In October, the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency approved the issuance of tax-exempt bonds for the company, lowering the project’s financing costs.

Million Air’s plans for the airport faced some pushback from community members who worried it would lead to an increase in landing and takeoff noise. However, Woolsey said the opposite will be true.

“We’ve moved 13 aircraft into this hangar that used to fly into and out of this community on an empty basis,” he said. “The access cost was very high to these corporations, because they had to keep their planes in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, fly the aircraft in empty, pick up their executives and go back out. We’ve been able to take 13 aircraft in and stop that.”

Marsha Gordon, president and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester, said Million Air is a significant economic contributor to the community. Along with the company’s investment in the airport, Gordon said area businesses could also see a boost because of the renovations and expansion.

“It’s the multiplier effect,” she said.


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