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CareMount Medical adds 3-D breast biopsy technology

CareMount Medical PC now offers 3-D image-guided breast biopsies, one of the first health care providers in the state to do so.

caremount 3D breast biopsyThe Mount Kisco-based doctors group announced on Aug. 11 that it would begin offering the procedure. The biopsy is performed on a table that allows patients to lie flat on their stomachs during the test, which CareMount said provides better access to breast tissue and a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Radiologists at CareMount use 3-D imaging to locate and target regions of interest for biopsy. CareMount said in its announcement that the 360-degree view of the procedure allows access to challenging lesions without repositioning the patient.

“This three dimensional biopsy table provides a more accurate means to identify, and biopsy small breast nodules, and calcifications,” said Dr. Marc Hertz, chair of radiology at CareMount Medical. “By using a multidimensional approach, the biopsy procedure is carried out faster, more accurately, and with less samples required to obtain a diagnostic biopsy result.”


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