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VA hospital system to offer ZetrOZ’s chronic pain-relieving device


ZetrOZ Systems LLC announced that its sam (sustained acoustic medicine) Sport medical device is being integrated into the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital system to help eliminate the need for using opioid-based pain medication. The device, which has a suggested manufacture’s price of $4,400, can be ordered by prescription from VA clinics.

The device treats soft-tissue injuries and chronic pain by accelerating healing times, according to the company. The device is the first noninvasive, multi-hour, wearable ultrasound device to treat acute and chronic injuries. It is used by professional athletic teams in the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and U.S. Olympic teams.

Trumbull-based ZetrOZ said that the growth of national insurance coverage and medical utilization of the device among the U.S. general population and the VA “could help solve the opioid crisis in the United States.”

The product has been clinically proven to increase collagen laydown, which accelerates the natural healing process in soft tissue; brings oxygenated blood to muscle tissues; accelerates angiogenesis, which stimulates capillary development; and increases blood flow, which is important for joint stiffness, muscle recovery, healing and eliminating pain, according to ZetrOZ CEO George Lewis.

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