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Stamford Health opens hernia center

Stamford Health has opened a designated hernia center at Stamford Hospital, led by a team of experienced abdominal— wall surgeons.

In addition to simple hernias, the Stamford Health Hernia Center also treats hernias that are more complex due to issues including size and location, risk factors and infection, or are the result of a cancer, prior abdominal surgery, trauma or weak abdominal muscles.

“Hernias will slowly enlarge over time and do not heal by themselves,” said Stamford Health Medical Group surgeon William Symons, director of the center, who added that his collaborative team tailors treatment to each individual patient.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hernia repairs are one of the most common general surgical procedures, with more than one million repairs performed each year in the U.S. A hernia can form due to a variety of reasons, including lifting heavy objects, chronic coughing, abdominal weight gain, pregnancy, genetics or previous surgical incision.


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