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Malloy unveils cybersecurity strategy for state


Gov. Dannel Malloy has released the “Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy,” which aims to strengthen efforts by citizens, businesses and government agencies to protect the state’s networks.

The strategy was produced at Malloy’s request through the Department of Administrative Services by the state’s Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer Arthur House and Chief Information Officer Mark Raymond. The governor created the chief cybersecurity risk officer position last year, with the development of the strategy mandated as House’s top priority.

“We receive daily reminders that we are living in a time of cyber insecurity and we need to be proactive in this effort,” Malloy said. “The federal government, our national intelligence and Homeland Security officials are doing their part, but states have a vital role to play.

“Connecticut is leading the way in taking action that will allow us to be prepared for any contingency and safeguard our residents from cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure,” he said.

Of about 4.8 billion connection attempts a month to the state network from external computers, about 2 billion – or 42 percent – are blocked by security, according to the report. State third-party monitoring detects an average of 66 infected or compromised state systems a month.

Two state agencies – the Department of Revenue Services, which stores tax and financial records of businesses and individuals, and the Department of Social Services, which provides health care, food and other support to about 1 million residents – are especially tempting targets for cybercriminals, Malloy said.

The report recommended improved knowledge to identify and prevent cyber intrusions, skills to handle cybersecurity tasks, specific response plans, recovery operations to identify damage, analysis of the causes, information-sharing and verification of the success of anti-cybercrime efforts.

To download the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy, visit ct.gov/ctcyberlibrary.


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