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Report: Quality of Connecticut’s manufacturing workforce improving

Some good news for Connecticut’s troubled business landscape has come from a new nationwide report saying that the quality of the Nutmeg State’s manufacturing workforce has improved.

manufacturing connecticut workforceThe 2017 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card found that Connecticut’s grades improved in workforce, or so-called “human capital,” from C to B-; worker benefits costs improved from F to C-; expected fiscal liability gap moved from D- to D; and productivity and innovation improved from B- to B+.

The state’s grades remained unchanged in manufacturing industry health, which again received a C+; in its tax climate, which once more received a D; and in the health of its logistics industry, which again earned a D. Grades declined in global reach – from B+ to B – and in sector diversification, from D to D-.

The report card was produced by Ball State’s Center for Business and Economic Research for Indiana’s advanced manufacturing initiative Conexus Indiana.


  1. We provide IT services to many manufacturing clients in Connecticut, we are seeing an overall improvement in their business even as the state’s economy continues to struggle. One of the most common themes I hear is the need for a quality skilled labor force to replace workers as they age out. My clients want and need to add people. These are well-paying jobs! Going from a C to a B- was a goal I had getting through school, the State of Connecticut should be much higher – let’s work on getting at A+!


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