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Total Wine & More under investigation for violating state pricing law

Total Wine & More, the wine, beer and spirits retailer that filed a lawsuit last week challenging Connecticut’s alcohol pricing rules, is under investigation by the Department of Consumer Protection for allegedly selling its wares for prices less than those allowed by the state.

The chain, which operates a location in Norwalk, ran a series of ads in newspapers touting how its prices were lower than the state’s “mandated price” on Aug. 23, the same day it filed suit in U.S. District Court in Connecticut.

At issue is the state’s mandatory minimum pricing statute, designed to protect independent alcohol retailers from larger chains who buy and sell their inventory in bulk and thus can undercut the independents’ prices.

Total Wine’s lawsuit asserts that the statute results in prices that “may be in excess of 25 percent higher than prices offered for identical products in surrounding states,” and that “The price-fixing by wholesalers and retailers constitutes restraint of trade and a violation of the federal Sherman Antitrust Act.”


  1. This entire dialog is very interesting to me. While not an expert in wine prices, I routinely purchase wine Connecticut, NY State, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.
    As regards wine, I have never found one state to have a profoundly lower price than another. Perhaps you can publish a more detailed overview comparing a few specific brands across several states in the Northeast.

  2. They always fail to mention that the largest price differential between states is the amount of taxes charged. (ex: Mass does not tax alcohol )


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