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Malloy announces proposals to streamline DOT

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy introduced two proposals Jan. 16 to streamline the construction process of local roads and bridges. The proposals will be included in his February budget proposal.

A new Local Transportation Capital Program will make it easier for municipalities to access  federal Department of Transportation (DOT) funding by allowing municipalities to only have to work with the state DOT, as opposed to the federal DOT. The new system will allow municipalities to focus on capital improvements instead of administrative costs, officials say.

“Establishing this program will streamline the flow of capital transportation funding to local governments because federal funds are typically more difficult to use and administer than state funds and come with more strings attached,” Malloy said in the press release.

The second proposal will allocate $15 million to the Local Bridge Program to streamline administrative requirements and extend the deadline for submitting applications to reduce the number of deficient bridges.

“Revitalizing this program will allow towns and cities to fund vital rehabilitation projects on bridges that are in need of repair and upkeep,” Malloy said.


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