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CI announces technology grant program

Connecticut Innovations (CI) announced a new grant program Nov. 14 aimed at spurring partnerships between small businesses and universities to address some of the most pressing technology challenges facing businesses.

As part of the Connecticut Innovation Challenge, CI – a quasi-public corporation that provides financing to companies at various stages of development – will award up to $150,000 each to as many as five teams to offset the costs of advancing their respective projects, with participating small businesses required to match CI’s contribution.

CI has published a request for proposals from university and small business partnerships that seek, among other things, the development of smart grid technologies for electrical generation sources, advancements in the production of bio fuels or bio-based chemicals, the development of rechargeable power and enhanced display solutions for handheld devices, and improvements to various aspects of the manufacturing process.

Claire Leonardi, CEO of Connecticut Innovations, said in a statement that the organization generated the request for proposals based on technology solutions that could have the greatest market potential and that would capitalize on Connecticut’s strength in advanced manufacturing, product development and information technology.

Businesses and universities interested in participating in the Connecticut Innovation Challenge can learn more about the program and access the full request for proposals at ctihub.com/show/challenge-grant.


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