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Malloy: Romney-Ryan budget ‘harsh’

In his most visible national platform to date, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took the podium at the Democratic National Convention to call Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s proposed budget “harsh” and tout President Barack Obama’s record on education, health care and infrastructure.

“It isn’t conservative,” Malloy said during his six-minute speech. “It’s harsh, it’s radical, and it is wrong. It would shred the safety net that protects the middle class and those striving to be in the middle class. It would undermine FDR’s New Deal, unravel Harry Truman’s Fair Deal, and leave us with Mitt Romney’s raw deal.”

Malloy said the Republican budget as currently proposed would cut taxes by $265,000 “for your average millionaire.”

“We Democrats have nothing against people who’ve earned their wealth,” Malloy said. “We salute their hard work and good fortune. But slashing what we invest in schools, in roads, in research and development, in clean energy and in the things that protect our most vulnerable, just to cut taxes for those at the top is ridiculous and wrong.”

Malloy did not take the opportunity to tout his own record in trying to turn around Connecticut’s economy, including his First Five and Next Five programs that have showered corporations with tax breaks and other incentives to create jobs, including Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, which is getting up to $115 million to expand in Stamford.


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