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Judge conditionally lifts contempt ruling, fines Trump $110k

New York State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron on May 11 issued a bench ruling that he would no longer hold former President Donald Trump in contempt of court if Trump meets certain conditions.

On May 3, the New York Appellate Division had rejected a request by Trump to order a stay of Engoron’s contempt order from April 25. The appellate court issued a two-page decision denying the request.

Engoron previously held Trump in contempt of court and fined him $10,000 a day for failing to turn over documents that had been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Letitia James in her investigation into some of Trump’s real estate dealings, including the valuation of Trump’s Seven Springs Estate and Trump National Golf Course in Westchester.

Engoron said that if by May 20 Trump pays a fine of $110,000 and produces required documents so that the discovery process in the case can be completed, then Engoron will purge the contempt order.

In statement released a couple of hours after Judge Engoron issued his ruling, Attorney General James said, ““Reaffirming a ruling holding Donald J. Trump in contempt, a judge has ordered Mr. Trump to pay my office for his refusal to comply with our subpoenas. For years, Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization have tried to thwart our lawful investigation, but today’s decision makes clear that no one can evade accountability. We will continue to enforce the law and seek answers as part of this investigation.”

Trump’s attorney previously had claimed that they had already turned over documents to James and there were no more to turn over. James claimed that the Trump side did not make a serous effort to look for documents relevant to her investigation. Judge Engoron will require that the Trump side submit affidavits that tell exactly where and how they searched for documents and describe the records retention policies and practices of Trump businesses.

Engoron said that if Trump doesn’t fulfill all of the requirements, he would reinstate the contempt holding and daily $10,000 fine.


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