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Are you Ready for a Better Tomorrow? – The Westchester Bank

Dear Friends:

Are you Ready for a Better Tomorrow? We’ve collectively arrived at an inflection point where challenges of this past year now turn toward more positive times ahead. As the leading community bank in Westchester and one of the fastest growing in the nation, The Westchester Bank would like to share with you what makes us different… and why we may be a better choice for your future business banking needs. That difference is three simple words, BANKING MADE PERSONAL.

BANKING that offers all the same business products and services of larger financial institutions. That includes commercial loans and mortgages, lines of credit, business checking, MMA’s, mobile app and online banking. And with seven branch locations throughout Westchester, we make it easy and convenient for you to visit. There are also Cash Management products with the ability and convenience to scan check deposits from your office or home!

MADE is our call-to-action. Streamlined loan processing and loan decisions are all made right here, locally. If you can’t make it to the Bank, we’ll come to your place of business. Banking solutions are made by listening to, and understanding, your banking needs specific to your business goals. Our Lending Team assigned to each customer makes sure you’re satisfied by being there for you whenever needed, day or night. Given that small businesses make up nearly 2 of every 3 new jobs in America, we made it possible for companies like yours to navigate the pandemic and redirect your thinking to growth… from keeping employees on board to capital improvements and more. In summary, we’re made of all the ingredients that lets every customer know ‘We are here for you’ in both good and challenging times!

PERSONAL defines The Westchester Bank’s most important attribute. It’s what separates us from the competition where personal interaction just isn’t a priority. When you call us, you will always get a person on the other line, not some automated recording that leaves you feeling detached, disconnected. When the pandemic struck, our first order of business was to call every single customer and ask two questions, ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘How can we help?’. I’d venture to guess that the competition did not have the time, resources or simply didn’t care to reach out to customers in such a personal and caring manner. We care about each customer. We care about every staff member. We care about the many local charities and organizations that uplift Westchester… and that goes beyond just monetary. Volunteerism is part of our culture with many employees actively engaged in programs to benefit others. We feel very fortunate and blessed to be part of a community defined by how we collectively strive to improve the lives of our least fortunate.

Lastly and importantly, please stay safe and healthy. There’s much to feel positive about looking ahead and I personally look forward to the opportunity of serving you when ready.

Best for a Brighter Tomorrow,

John M. Tolomer
President & CEO
The Westchester Bank




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