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Climate is changing – is your home secure?

After a year spent being stuck inside our homes, we’ve all come to appreciate everything the home has to offer, and all the ways it can be so much more. If you’ve been thinking about renovating your home, you’re far from alone. Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies projects that the remodeling industry will have grown by 21% since 2017. In total, the amount spent on home improvement and remodeling is expected to reach a staggering $352 billion. With the remodeling industry showing no signs of cooling off or slowing down, there’s a multitude of reasons why someone would choose to renovate their home, before they get left behind.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sawmills and factories across the country reduced or ceased production to help contain the spread of the virus. New York even instituted a multi-month pause on all non-essential construction. But once that pause ended, demand for lumber, supplies, and contractors skyrocketed, leaving suppliers scrambling to revive their supply chains and meet demand. High demand, transportation labor shortages, and COVID restrictions have formed the perfect storm to create a nation-wide lumber shortage. At Interstate + Lakeland Lumber in Westchester & Fairfield Counties, purchasing specialists keep a close eye on market conditions. They ensure Interstate + Lakeland Lumber mantines a reliable inventory to handle upcoming home project needs. Purchasing Specialist Eddy Suarez says, “the key is the partnerships with our vendors that we’ve cultivated for over fifty years. We work together to make sure we have the materials our builders need during these tough times.” More than ever before, it’s vital to choose a lumber yard that can handle the material needs of your home remodel project.

Many people are taking this time to upgrade their home’s weather preparedness and energy efficiency. Due to the effects of climate change, extreme heat waves and storms in New England are likely to become more severe, and more common. A little weatherproofing now can save a lot of maintenance later on. One of the easiest ways to protect your home is to install Storm Doors from Andersen Windows & Doors. Storm doors offer your entry door protection from rain, wind, sleet and snow, and they’re absolutely vital to hurricane preparedness. And if you’re looking to improve energy efficiency? Storm Doors act as insulators that prevent air leaks and keeps the temperature exactly where you want it. Andersen Windows & Doors knows how important it is to safeguard your home against hurricanes, which is why their Storm Doors are designed and tested to meet the toughest building code and stand up to the toughest storm.

It’s not all about functionality though.Your home is your first impression to the world, so you want to make sure it’s looking the best it can be. Interstate + Lakeland Lumber and Andersen know how quickly trends and tastes can change. That’s why Interstate stays up to date and carries the latest and greatest in Andersen windows. Andersen lets you choose your windows and doors based on your home’s architectural style, so you can be assured that your new product will match your home’s aesthetic. The amount of ways that Andersen allows homeowners to customize their windows and doors is staggering. Change the grill, uprade the hardware, pick your interior material – with Interstate + Lakeland and Andersen, your home design is in your hands. Whether it’s the black windows that are hallmarks modern architecture or the natural wood of farmhouse style design, the first step to building your Dream Home is picking the best suppliers and manufacturers.

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