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Pitney Bowes survey finds boredom is fueling online shopping

What’s driving today’s e-commerce purchases? According to a new survey by Pitney Bowes, one in four online shoppers admit they are using retail therapy to overcome boredom.

In its survey of approximately 2,100 adults, the Stamford company found that nearly half of Gen Z respondents admitted they used online shopping to alleviate their sense of monotony. In comparison, 38% of Millennials, 27% of Gen X and 15% of Boomers combat ennui with e-commerce.

Bored shoppers are also more responsive to enticing product advertisements on social media. Pitney Bowes’ survey found 15% more bored shoppers than shoppers overall start their purchasing adventures on Facebook, while Instagram sparks an 11% higher rate with bored shoppers; in comparison, Google searches were just 5% higher among bored shoppers.

Alas, it seems that bored shoppers seem to gravitate to boring products: Household supplies were indexed higher among dullness-encased shoppers than the norm, compared to clothing rating 17% higher and personal care and beauty products rating 14% higher. And physical fitness is not a priority with these shoppers – Pitney Bowes added that sporting goods were the only product category to index lower than the norm among bored consumers.


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