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Ridgefield’s Rudy Marconi first municipal leader to contract COVID-19

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi has tested positive for COVID-19, the first municipal leader in the state to do so.

rudy marconi ridgefield first selectman opioid
Rudy Marconi

According to a statement issued by the town, “He wants to reassure all Ridgefielders that while he doesn’t feel great, he is doing fine and will work from home as he continues to isolate himself.”

“Because I have been extremely careful in following all the directives, this is a reminder of how aggressive this virus is. Please stay home,” Marconi said in the statement.

As of last night, the town had 107 COVID-19 cases, with 12 deaths, according to Ridgefield Health Director Ed Briggs.

The 71-year-old Marconi, who has been Ridgefield’s first selectman since 1999, is also a member of the Western CT Council of Governments; chairman of the Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; and chairman of the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Region 5, a state organization responsible for the proper training and implementation of emergency procedures and protocols during emergencies.


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