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Willett Public Affairs LLC

I run a small government/public affairs consulting firm, based in Westchester.

We’re actually busier than ever, helping clients “remotely” advocate before the state legislature as it works on a new budget, and advising client trade associations on compliance with the newly enacted state and federal laws regarding covid-19 in the workplace, from complex state and federal paid sick leave requirements, to emergency grants and loans available to small businesses.

We are also working with manufacturers who can supply vital personal protective equipment to New York, by connecting them with key public officials and private hospitals who need these supplies.

But there are daily challenges. To smooth over cashflow, we are applying for SBA and other emergency loans. We are also keeping expenses to a minimum, but also being diligent about paying our vendors so they in turn can pay their bills, as all businesses are in this together. We should not only be thinking about keeping our own businesses going, but keeping our vendors and suppliers going, too.

And we are staying positive, recognizing that this is a health crisis, not an economic crisis, as we are diligently working during this time to help our clients through it as well.

May everyone stay focused, productive, innovative and most of all, healthy.


— Perry Ochacher


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