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Dear GraduationSource Community:


As a parent, former educator, and president of GraduationSource, I understand the hard decisions we need to make during this unprecedented time of social distancing and keeping everyone safe from the COVID-19. 

During these times, we need a light and a celebration to stand behind. What greater celebration to stand behind than Education and Achievement?

I want to share an important milestone in my life that helps illuminate why it’s my personal mission to ensure every student gets the chance to have their graduation. It was many years ago now. I remember being handed a graduation package by a strange man who had my name. Ok – no big deal, uneventful. When I came home that day, I threw it on my bed and didn’t think much of it. A few days later it was my graduation day. I found my regalia hung up in my closet, my mother must have hung it up to take the wrinkles out. I heard

someone yell, we are leaving in 10 minutes or you are going to late.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I had to take a double take. Was that really me?? I looked so…regal.

This new feeling overtook me, it wasn’t like a trophy that was handed to me after a swim meet. It was a type of pride and I had never felt it before.

I looked important, I felt important. The feeling was deep inside my soul — I became strong and felt I was ready to conquer the world.

I walked out to the living room and the look into my parents’ eyes and that look is still with me today. They were proud. They smiled and turned to tears. All my family stood behind. That day, I felt closer to my family and friends – The memory and feelings still with me so many years later.

Now I have my own son, Griffin. It would mean the world to see his face at his own moving up ceremony as he connects with his friends and family. It would also mean the world to me to share these pictures with my 80-year-old mother who lives in a nursing home. I know that

seeing Griffin’s move up would surely bring back great memories for her.

Thank you for letting me share my experience. I wanted to let everyone know how close to me this issue is and how very important it is for every student to celebrate and feel that same pride that I did that day.

Now more than ever is a great time for a celebration—even if it’s virtual

We can work together and make this happen to ensure the safety and health of our students, families, and community. My team has been working around the clock to give many options for all. Whether it’s a moving up ceremony for our kindergarteners, middle school student, or a graduation from high school or college, we can help. We have many ways we can ship that

make it easy to have a private or virtual graduation.

Actually we have been servicing virtual graduations for years for many online, virtual, and remote schools.

Celebrations are far and few in life and during this time, we need a cause to celebrate. Let’s not let their achievements go unnoticed.

Here are just a couple of ways we can help:

We can build a portal – Ship to each student directly, reduce the amount of contact.


Call us, we’re here to help – Call in or schedule a time for us to call you. We will

discuss your goals and whatever you need from the GS team to get it done for you.

We understand these are challenging times – Let’s work together and ensure the students see our strength and value their accomplishments as they begin the journey to their next steps in life.

Let’s all stay safe & most importantly healthy. Graduation is a time of family & recognition & tradition – We truly want to ensure they make the memories they deserve. 

Our thoughts are with everyone during these unprecedented times.

— Matthew Gordon

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