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LCS Facility Group fighting along with health care personnel

There is a cleaning company that is fighting a two-front war during this pandemic.

Our client base ranges from the simplest of offices all the way to colleges, doctors offices and urgent-care centers. Our company has always taken pride in having all the special tools and equipment to tackle any job, but we did not think we would be right with the doctors and nurses on the front line. Also, 80% of our business are health care facilities and the other 20% are private schools and general offices. We have always trained our staff to handle delicate situations such as this as their normal practice in the medical environments.

While most of our clients have closed, we are trying our best to keep as many people working as possible. Having the government send checks to people is great, but no one knows when that could happen as bills still need to be paid. We had to lay off a lot of people and my premiums remain the same. Our business is unique in a way that we will always have work for people no matter what, and our company is not the everyday cleaning company. Right now we are fighting right next to the brave people in the medical field and they trust us to fight by their side.

– Domenico Lepore



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