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CSCU aiming to maintain community college tuition rate

But rates at state universities could rise 3-4%


Students at the 12 community colleges operating under the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities banner can expect no increase in tuition and fees next fall – while those attending its four state universities are looking at a 3% to 4% increase.

UConn tuition hikeThe Board of Regents Finance and Infrastructure committee of the CSCU is scheduled to meet today to discuss the plan, proposed by CSCU President Mark Ojakian.

Students at the four state universities – including Western Connecticut State in Danbury – would pay $6,162 for full-time in-state tuition, up from the current $5,924. University fees would rise from $918 to $946, while individual university general fees, which vary from school to school, would also rise.

For out-of-state students, tuition would go from $17,726 to $18,436, with additional fee increases.

Tuition would remain the same at the 12 community colleges, which include Norwalk Community College and Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport. Full-time students pay $2,238 per semester, or $4,476 per year, while part-time students are charged $166 per credit, plus fees.

Tuition at the online Charter Oak State College would also remain the same, with fees decreasing by $224.

As previously reported, beginning this fall, full-time, first-time in-state students will pay no tuition at the community colleges.

Ojakian said he expects the free and flat community college rates to result in increased enrollment, which would offset any monies lost. CSCU has a goal of having 30,000 full-time students enrolled by 2023; last fall it said it had 26,419 such students at the 12 schools.

The CSCU president is also banking on the move helping his “Students First” plan to gain traction. That initiative involves combining the 12 colleges into one school.

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