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Lamont to Trump: Connecticut will take in refugees

Connecticut rohingya refugees Lamont
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Photo courtesy Voice of America.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont has informed the Trump administration that the state will continue to accept refugees pursuant to a September presidential executive order requiring states and municipalities to provide written consent on whether they wish to accept or reject refugee resettlement.

In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the governor referred to the resettlement of refugees to be a “bedrock principle” of the nation, adding that these individuals undergo a “rigorous vetting process” before being allowed entry. He also noted the Special Immigrant Visa program welcomes refugees who faced great personal risk by providing information and assistance to the U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Nobody chooses to be a refugee,” Lamont said. “This new requirement for states and towns to notify the federal government on whether they are willing to continue accepting refugees is simply an attempt by the Trump administration to deny safety to vulnerable families across the world.”

Lamont added that he was encouraging Connecticut’s towns and cities to issue their own letters of consent to the Trump administration for localized refugee resettlement.

“We have the capacity, the will and the desire to welcome those fleeing persecution and violence to our state,” he said.


  1. Cant pay for the roads but the worlds poor? Sure bring them in. Free housing, healthcare, food stamps, heating, you name it, we tax payers will pay for it! F u Lamont

  2. Lamont us a pandering buffoon , importing new voters at the cost of the rest of us. I am all for in migration as long as the immigrants are healthy and will not be a burden to the government. i don’t believe this is the case.

  3. I don’t remember voting for any of this but then again I didn’t vote for Lamont either. It’s amazing how CT is struggling to pay state pensions and keep our roads up and even now to keep our roads SAFE during the winter…..but we’ ll take in refugees and give them everything under the sun with out a problem…oh yeah that’s right he will just find a way to take more money from us to cover the bill. PATHETIC!


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