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UConn approves five-year, 23.3% tuition hike

The University of Connecticut’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a plan that will increase tuition by 23.3% over the next five years.

UConn tuition hikeIn announcing the decision, UConn stressed the annual increases were significantly lower than the 2015 plan that raised in-state tuition by $950 for the 2019-20 semester and by $1,250 for out-of-state students. Under the terms of the new plan, tuition will increase in the fall of 2020 by $608 for all students, to be followed by increases of $625 in 2021, $642 in 2022, $660 in 2023 and $679 in 2024.

UConn added that in-state tuition is currently $13,798, while out-of-state tuition is $36,466. However, the school also pointed out that the average in-state student pays approximately $9,200 in annual tuition when factoring in institutionally-funded financial assistance while those receiving federal Pell Grants also pay less in out-of-pocket expenses for their education.


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