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Lamont seeking special session on tolls, other issues before Christmas

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Photo by Bernie Weiss

Gov. Ned Lamont is hoping that a special session of the General Assembly will be held before Christmas in order to vote on several issues, including his and fellow Democrats’ controversial plan to install trucks-only tolls on several highways.

When – and even whether – such a session will take place remains uncertain.

In addition to the Democrats’ transportation plan – which would include a gantry on a 1.4-mile stretch of I-684 that has caused consternation among New York lawmakers and commuters – the governor is seeking:
• votes on the state’s annual bond package of construction projects;
• a final settlement of a lawsuit filed several years ago by hospitals against the state over the “hospital tax”; and
• a settlement of a dispute between restaurant owners and workers over wages for employees who receive tips.

Lamont said he is looking for lawmakers to meet during the week of Dec. 16, with House Democratic leaders reportedly telling their members that Dec. 17, 18, and 19 are the likeliest dates.

In an email to Democratic and Republican leaders, Lamont wrote: “I understand and appreciate this is a difficult and expedited time frame, but believe these to be important issues which require resolution before year-end. I have instructed my office to prioritize my time to remain focused and working in collaboration with each of you.”


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