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Marc Guberti: How to become omnipresent on multiple social networks

Marc Guberti

The social networks keep on coming. My last article detailed the different strategies you can use to grow your YouTube channel. My brother also recently wrote an article about TikTok.

 Most people have several social media accounts with small audiences. You can be active on multiple social networks, but initially, most of your time should go to just one of them. Once you master a social network, it’s easier to master them all. Determine which social network to master based on where your targeted audience spends the most time.

 There are many social networks benefitting businesses on such a massive scale, and people want to learn how to master them all. This approach is the long-term strategy I have in play for each of my clients who want to grow their social media audiences. Master them all and grow engaged audiences on each of the big social networks.

If you want to approach social media growth from a DIY perspective, here’s what you can do…

Leverage Other People’s Audiences
If you want to grow in general, one of the best ways to do it is by leveraging other people’s audiences. Way back in the day, you could create a Facebook Page, post quality content there, and people would engage with it.

Facebook then changed its algorithm to make it a pay-to-play atmosphere. To this day, Facebook and other social networks continue changing their algorithms.

But even with these algorithm changes, you can still grow an audience. The secret is groups. Facebook and LinkedIn allow their users to create groups and invite people to join those groups.

By participating in groups related to your niche, you can build on other people’s audiences. For example, my Facebook Group, “Breakthrough Success,” has over 700 members, so when I post something in that group, over 700 people may see it. There are plenty of other Facebook and LinkedIn groups with thousands of members. Get active in those groups, and people will notice you.

Cross-Promote Your Social Networks
All of your social media accounts fall under your brand. It’s essential to bounce people around throughout your social networks.

Some people might like what you’re doing on Instagram but have no idea that you have a YouTube channel. That will cripple your ability to achieve success on all of the big social networks.

The solution is cross-promotion. In some of my YouTube videos, I’ll mention one of my LinkedIn Articles.  If you do this, then create a YouTube Card for that article. Add that YouTube Card in the video so people can click on it. Remember to provide the link to that article in the video description. While I do promote my other YouTube videos and ask people to subscribe, I’m also telling people about the article. This method allows you to promote an infinite loop of your content.

Here are some important things you can do in each of your LinkedIn Articles:

• Embed multiple YouTube videos within that article

• Link to one of your blog posts or a Medium post

• Put in an Instagram picture

• Mention your Facebook Group

• Embed a tweet

Aim to do as many of these as possible.

On Instagram, I frequently post updates related to my YouTube channel, share pictures of past tweets, inform people about the latest LinkedIn article, and tell people about my Facebook Group. You can do the same.

You can do similar things in your Facebook Group, Twitter, Medium, and blog. If it’s relevant to your audience, then mention everything everywhere. Pinterest is the next one for you to add to the cross-promotion strategy.

This is how you can become omnipresent on multiple social media platforms.

Marc Guberti is a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author with over 100,000 online students. He is the host of “Breakthrough Success” podcast and radio show. He coaches content creators on how they can attract more traffic and boost revenue.



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