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Amidst voter fraud allegations, state Sen. Marilyn Moore launches write-in campaign for Bridgeport mayor

Connecticut state Sen. Marilyn Moore, defeated at the polls in her bid to replace Joe Ganim as the Democratic candidate for Bridgeport mayor, will run as a write-in candidate this November.

Marilyn Moore Bridgeport mayor

Since losing the Sept. 10 Democratic mayoral primary in the city, Moore has claimed “blatant voter fraud” when it was revealed that, although she defeated the incumbent Ganim 4,721 to 4,337, an absentee ballot tally of 967 to 313 pushed the sitting mayor to a 5,304 to 5,034 victory. Moore has questioned the validity of such an overwhelming 654 absentee-vote  margin.

“Last week, voters who went to the polls made it clear: they voted to reform our city and be done with Joe Ganim,” Moore said. “But this is Bridgeport and we know injustice when we see it. That has to stop. Voters deserve a chance and a real choice this November.”

Moore noted that four years ago, Ganim “asked for a second chance to run Bridgeport after being convicted of stealing millions from Bridgeport residents. After winning back the trust of voters, our city struggled as he spent two years campaigning for governor around the state. Voters voiced their discontent last week, but now he’s up to his old tricks to try to take this election. We can’t let this happen again.”

While write-in campaigns are rarely successful, Michael Jarjura was re-elected mayor of Waterbury as a write-in 2005.

Moore has informed Secretary of the State Denise Merrill that she plans to file a formal complaint of absentee ballot fraud with Merrill’s office and the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Ganim has not commented publicly on Moore’s assertions.


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