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Peekskill OKs $4.3M energy project with Honeywell

After working for about a year to try to put together a deal, the City of Peekskill and Honeywell have agreed on an Energy Performance Contract covering $4.3 million worth of improvements designed to save energy and cut greenhouse gasses that negatively impact climate change.

Most of Honeywell’s revenue from the deal will be paid through savings realized from current costs. The city is expected to have to lay out only $184,000 during the 20-year term of the contract.

City upgrades and improvements for the Honeywell Energy Performance Contract include: LED lighting and controls; street light upgrades; boiler replacements at Peekskill’s Neighborhood Center and Water Plant (including oil-to-gas conversion at the Neighborhood Center); Paramount Theater heating and air conditioning upgrades; building management system upgrades; window replacements and other building improvements, including a cooling upgrade for City Hall; pipe insulation; desktop computer power management; smart power strips; and fan motors for the Peekskill Police Station, City Court and Neighborhood Center.

The project is anticipated to result in carbon emissions being cut by 1,100 tons per year. In addition, sulfur oxide released into the air would be cut by seven tons a year and nitrous oxide would be reduced by three tons a year.

Mayor Andre Rainey credited the city’s Common Council for recognizing the need for energy conservation measures. “This Council made a commitment to be better environmental stewards of our community and drive a green agenda that benefits our children and families, our taxpayers, and our planet,” Rainey said. ”This is a major step forward, which will reduce our emissions starting today — not months or years from now, but today. It will also allow us to move forward with a renewables agenda for years to come.”


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