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Fairfield Public Works official placed on leave as police investigation continues

Fairfield Superintendent of Public Works Scott Bartlett has been placed on administrative leave as a police investigation involving illegal dumping and bribery continues.

It is the latest development in a story that dates back to 2013, when Julian Development was hired by the town to manage its Public Works Yard and reduce the soil and spoils there. In 2016, near the end of the contract, contaminants were discovered on site in violation of the contract.

“After Julian refused to accept responsibility and pay for the proper disposal of the contaminated soil, First Selectman Mike Tetreau directed the Town Attorney to take legal action against Julian for failure to perform,” according to a statement issued by the town. “The First Selectman also requested that the Fairfield Police Department review the situation to determine if any laws were violated, specifically concerning the transport and dumping of contaminated material.”

The statement acknowledged that a search warrant containing “some very serious allegations” about Julian Development and Bartlett has been issued. A search has been conducted at Julian. Bartlett has allegedly been seen accepting illicit cash payments from Julian Development, where his son Steven is an employee.

“The State’s Attorney will determine if the evidence supports the allegations and if arrest warrants are to be issued,” the Fairfield statement said, adding that further updates will come from that office.

“As Chief Executive of the Town of Fairfield, I believe anyone contaminating our soil or any Town property should be held responsible and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Tetreau said. “I want to make it clear to anyone doing business with the Town that this conduct will not be tolerated.”


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