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U.S. Sen. Murphy stops following President Trump on Twitter


Call it a sign of the times: U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy has taken to Twitter to announce he will no longer follow President Trump’s tweets.

The Connecticut Democrat informed his 782,000-plus Twitter followers yesterday that the president’s tweets have been disconnected from his Twitter feed.

“I’m unfollowing the President of the United States today on Twitter, because his feed is the most hate-filled, racist, and demeaning of the 200+ I follow, and it regularly ruins my day to read it,” he stated. “So I’m just going to stop. I can’t believe I just typed that.”

Trump did not comment on Twitter about Murphy’s digital cold-shoulder. Reaction to Murphy’s decision was mixed, ranging from sincerely supportive messaging to scatological criticism. Without the president, Murphy’s Twitter account now follows 201 other accounts, including former Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and Murphy’s Republican Senate colleagues Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley. Although Murphy frequently highlights the work of Connecticut-based manufacturing businesses, he doesn’t follow any of them on Twitter, nor is he following any Fairfield County business or nonprofit.

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