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Bridgeport Hospital officially takes over Milford Hospital

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Leaders of Bridgeport and Milford Hospitals sign the official unification agreement. Pictured at the table: Richard D’Aquila, president YNHH and YNHHS; Mark Toney, interim president and CEO of Milford Hospital; Michael Ivy, MD, interim president and CEO of Bridgeport Hospital. Standing Gina Calder, VP, Bridgeport Hospital, Administrator, Milford Campus and Marna P. Borgstrom, CEO YNHH and YNHHS.

The state of Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy has approved the unification of Bridgeport Hospital and Milford Hospital, whereby the latter will become a fully integrated campus of Bridgeport Hospital, itself a member of Yale New Haven Health System.

“Milford Hospital has played a critical role in the delivery of health care in our region for nearly a century and we are pleased to welcome this exceptional hospital to Bridgeport Hospital and Yale New Haven Health,” YNHHS CEO Marna P. Borgstrom said. “We are excited to bring new clinical services, updated infrastructure and stability to this important organization that will allow us to grow access to high quality health care locally and regionally.”

Discussions about the takeover began last year, due to Milford Hospital experiencing a decline in volume and revenues over the past several years. In 2014, Yale New Haven Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital partnered to create an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit which, although deemed successful, needed more support.

“The Milford campus of Bridgeport Hospital ensures access to a high-quality and cost-effective hospital location while addressing bed capacity issues at Bridgeport and Yale New Haven Hospitals,” said Richard D’Aquila, president, YNHH and YNHHS. “This integration will bring greater efficiencies and more access to Yale New Haven Health clinical programs and expertise.”

Under the integration, YNHH intends to develop the Milford campus of Bridgeport Hospital into a community hospital and center for gerontologic health, staffed with clinicians who have the requisite geriatric competencies to care for an aging population based upon the patient’s goals, preferences and values.

Current Milford Hospital employees, including those represented by organized labor, are now employees of Bridgeport Hospital and YNHH. Bridgeport Hospital has agreed to recognize all existing labor relationships.

YNHHS said it plans to make significant investments in the Milford infrastructure, including capital improvements, expansion of clinical service lines and the implementation of the EPIC electronic medical record system allowing for enhanced data sharing among providers.


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