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Westmed to study effects of medical cannabis on rheumatoid arthritis patients


Westmed medical marijuana cannabisPurchase-based Westmed Medical Group is teaming with Columbia Care Inc. on a collaborative study focused on the use of medical cannabis as a pain reliever in rheumatologic patients with inflammatory arthritis.

The research will be led by Dr. Jill Landis, a board-certified rheumatologist at Westmed, and will enroll approximately 100 patients for a six-month study on the effectiveness of ClaraCeed, Columbia Care’s patent pending hard-pressed, high-CBD, broad-spectrum medical cannabis tablets, in combination with patients’ current non-opioid pain regimens. The collaborative study was recently reviewed and approved by the White Plains Hospital Institutional Review Board.

“Initiating this trial marks an important milestone for the rheumatologic community, as it will be the first step in determining whether a unit-dosed, precisely formulated cannabis-derived medicine can relieve the pain of many patients suffering from arthritis, who are not satisfied with their current treatment options,” Landis said. “We are also collecting safety information regarding the use of medical cannabis in the rheumatologic population, many of whom are taking numerous other medications. This type of controlled, regulated research is crucial to furthering our scientific knowledge of the safety and therapeutic uses of medical cannabis products.”

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