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Stamford passes anti-tolling resolution

Stamford became the first Fairfield County municipality to officially oppose highway tolls on Monday, with its Board of Representatives voting 26-9 against their installation.

Stamford joins the town of Enfield in New Haven County in passing such a resolution. The resolutions are not legally binding, but instead are intended to express dissatisfaction with the proposed reintroduction of tolls to state highways. Trumbull is also expected to pass an anti-tolling resolution.

The state Transportation Committee is scheduled to hold an open hearing on March 6 for Raised Bill 7280, one of whose provisos would require the General Assembly to vote on the Department of Transportation’s tolling recommendations within 15 days of an informational meeting. Should that vote not occur by then, the tolling proposal would automatically pass and go to the Federal Highway Administration for its consideration.

The DOT’s latest tolling study recommends the installation of 82 tolling gantries on all highways throughout Connecticut, which it estimates would raise $1 billion in annual revenue.

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