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Tech boot camp for job seekers opening in Stamford


Technology training firm General Assembly is coming to Stamford to establish what Gov. Dannel Malloy called a “boot camp” targeting people with a variety of skill levels who want to enter the tech world.

general assembly boot campAnother firm, Tech Talent South, will establish a similar program in Hartford. While that operation will be in Hartford’s downtown, a specific site for the General Assembly facility has not been finalized.

Courses are set to begin in the first quarter of 2019. Together, the two companies are expected to enroll 400 students by 2020. The state, through its Tech Talent Fund, is providing seed capital of $750,000 for the first year and $500,000 for the second year to provide scholarship funds and operating support to each of the two entities.

“While much work has been done to increase the number of computer science graduates in the state – we’re up 136 percent at our state universities since 2012 – we need to equip more candidates with tech basic skills so companies can put them to work now,” Malloy said.

General Assembly offers training and assessments in such areas as web development, data science and digital marketing. It provides online offerings, training for Fortune 500 companies and has a global community of nearly 1 million professionals. The firm operates campuses in 20 cities and says it has graduated 35,000 students worldwide since opening in 2011.

Tech Talent South has 11 campuses throughout the U.S.

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