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Charter’s Spectrum Enterprise to spend $1B-plus in new fiber infrastructure

Charter Communications’ Spectrum Enterprise will invest more than $1 billion in new fiber infrastructure this year to increase the density of its national fiber network and to deploy new tools, training and resources for employees.

SpectrumThis will be the second consecutive year that the Stamford-based company has invested in excess of $1 billion exclusively in its Spectrum Enterprise fiber network. The latest investment will primarily fund increased client access to the existing Spectrum Enterprise network, adding to its nearly 200,000 fiber-lit buildings.

The majority of the new fiber will be constructed within the existing Spectrum Enterprise national footprint. Spectrum Enterprise will absorb the upfront costs of fiber construction for the majority of new enterprise clients within its footprint in order to provide more businesses with access to fiber-based solutions such as Fiber Internet Access, Ethernet and voice trunks (SIP/PRI).

“Advanced video and virtual reality solutions, cloud, IoT and the future of 5G all depend on a reliable and highly-dense fiber network,” Spectrum Enterprise Executive Vice President and President Phil Meeks said.


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