September 24, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

Open for nominations, this is an opportunity to recognize physicians who make an impact each and every day on people’s lives. Nomination Deadline July 18


ALL IN THE FAMILY: This award will recognize husbands and wives, parents and children or siblings who work together in a practice or separately, dedicating their lives to make other lives better.

NO LAND TOO FAR: In recognition of a doctor who donates his or her time and expertise to countries where medical care is either nonexistent or at barest minimum.

CUTTING EDGE: This award will recognize a doctor who spends endless hours working on research and clinical trials to save lives.

CARING FOR ALL: This award will recognize a doctor who turns no patient away, but rather devotes time and effort to philanthropic cases.

FEMALE TRAILBLAZER: This award will recognize a female doctor who has made great strides in empowering other women to advocate for themselves and be aware of their specific medical needs.

PROMISE FOR THE FUTURE: This award will recognize a medical student who excels in his or her studies and will bring compassionate care and a fresh perspective to the medical profession.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: This award recognizes a physician respected for a lifetime career in the medical profession.

TEAM: This award recognizes a team of doctors who are able to work together to find solutions in difficult and unique medical situations.

SUPPORT STAFF: This award recognizes an individual who brings warmth and understanding to patients and support for the doctors in the office, hospital or emergency situations.

POWER COUPLE: Recognizes spouses who both work in the medical field, although not necessary in the same specialty, but doing outstanding work.

URGENT CARE CENTER: Recognizes a center that provides walk-in care to a wide range of patients by experienced, board certified emergency medicine physicians

BIOMEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: This award recognizes PHD doctorates (nonphysicians) who go above and beyond in medical research and biomedical engineering.

EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP:  This award recognizes an industry leader whose skills create advancements in medical planning and organization.

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