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New Rochelle launches Veo bike and e-scooter share program


  1. And what about them being left in front of homes or businesses until someone decides to pick them up? Leaving them on the sidewalk is a terrible option. They should be returned to the racks or some designated locations. We pay a lot of taxes for it to just be acceptable to leave things on the sidewalks in front of our homes.

  2. What about following the Law??
    People are flying into intersections, going through red lights and stop signs, riding into people on the sidewalks.
    What will New Rochelle do about that?

  3. My question is this. If the bike is 5 cents per minute why must the scooters be so much more. My son rented a scooter twice today. Had I known that he would not have been allowed to do it because of course I ended up having to pay 10 dollars so I ended up charged $20 I didn’t like that.

  4. I’m going to literally destroy these scooters one by one. This is the worst idea ever and this Agenda 21 stuff needs to stop. Green is the new red.


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