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Stratford’s Kitchen Brains debuts Scrub Buddy timer for frequent handwashings

Kitchen Brains has introduced Scrub Buddy, a new timer designed for businesses where frequent handwashing is required.

Scrub Buddy Kitchen BrainsAccording to the Stratford-based company, Scrub Buddy alerts up to eight employees on either a 30-minute schedule or at a preferred interval to wash their hands. It also times each handwash for 20 seconds, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and then automatically resets for the next scheduled handwash reminder.

Employees receive both audio and visual alerts, with the latter displayed on Scrub Buddy’s LCD screen.

Kitchen Brains said the product is ideal for employees in food service operations, food processing plants, health care facilities, labs and pharmacies. The product requires no installation and runs on four AA batteries.

“I’m extremely proud of our amazing Kitchen Brains team for taking Scrub Buddy from concept to finished product in a matter of weeks,” said Christian Koether, CEO of Kitchen Brains. “COVID-19 has changed the way many of our customers do business and we’re pleased to be able to offer Scrub Buddy to them so they can effectively meet the new handwashing standards. For employees and customers alike, Scrub Buddy provides a level of comfort and safety that is so important in today’s environment.”

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