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Column: The lawyer as instrument for social change

Attorney Michael Koskoff follows his fathers words to “stand between the abuse of governmental power and the individual.”

Column: High fashion goes to the dogs

Reenie Brown translates a career in accessories into a love of animals.

Column: Hospice CEO prepares for crowning achievement

Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut’s new hospice residence is “a place to live, not die,” says Cynthia E. Roy, the organization's president.

Column: Hope’s Door director confronts domestic violence

CarlLa Horton’s work centers on a public health concern that is often relegated to the shadows of public awareness: intimate partner violence.

Fighting the good fight

A year ago, she made the headlines in a major securities litigation fraud case. This year, she’s making news in an equally big way in antitrust litigation. The newsmaker is Barbara Hart.

The divorce minus the acrimony

Vicki Volper is a mediation and collaborative divorce attorney.

A legal lifeline for nonprofits

The Pro Bono Partnership provides pro bono services to qualified nonprofits.

From top finance to exquisite chamber music

Marcia O’Kane lands in the 'Winners Circle.'

Eric J. Dale, facilitator nonpareil

It was a banner year for partner Eric J Dale and his firm, Robinson & Cole, one of the country’s top 200 legal firms.

Philip Halpern and the impact of legal victory

"Protecting a large corporation is very much like protecting an individual."

Richard Silver: Adversary to harm

The Winners Circle profiles attorneys and female entrepreneurs who have entered the arena and won.

Kimberly Cline: Devotion to education continues

Kimberly R. Cline took over as president of Long Island University in July. The former Mercy College president is already settling into the next step of her career.

Rising to the challenge

Our new biweekly feature, Winners Circle, kicks off with a profile of Susan Fox, who earlier this year began her tenure as president of White Plains Hospital.

Welcome to the Winners Circle

The Fairfield County Business Journal is introducing a biweekly feature called Winners Circle that will take a look at the top women business executives and top attorneys, men and women, in the region.