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What you need to know about Park City Wind HQ and...

Park City Wind will "offer immediate labor opportunities for our work force as they employ men and women in the construction trade at their Barnum Landing location," Mayor Joe Ganim said.

Vineyard Wind 1 offshore project moves one step closer to federal...

The project is designed to generate 800 MW of electricity.

Cortlandt wind power manufacturing plan killed

The proposal did not generate the community support that was hoped for.

Three bids submitted for Connecticut’s offshore wind source

Vineyard Wind LLC named its Park City Wind proposal after Bridgeport.

New report calls for mitigation fund to offset potential wind power...

The report also warns of potential impact to marine animals in the turbine development areas.

CT House passes wind-power procurement bill

Gov. Ned Lamont envisions Connecticut as "the center hub of the offshore wind industry in New England."

Developers submit proposals for Connecticut offshore wind power

A recent Request for Proposals for a Connecticut offshore wind project has resulted in a pair of offers from rival energy developers.

Column: New York’s offshore wind potential

Offshore wind power has been receiving a great deal of attention as a possible large source of future electric power. While Europe has been...

Wind-power incubator planned for Newburgh

Will Newburgh become northeast’s “windy city?”